The Waterfront Job Walk:

Tommy, Dan and Kevin from ALM joined Eric Anderson with Colliers International to walk The Waterfront - a development project that's underway in Vancouver, WA.

This is a multi-phase project, with the first set of mixed-use buildings slated to open up to the public in the summer of 2018. Restaurants/brewhouses, commercial office space and multi-family residential units are all in the works as far as ground up build-outs go. A water-front park, large water feature, and viewing platform are also going to be great spots for PNW families to enjoy the views of the Columbia River. Exciting times are ahead for the Vancouver waterfront, that's for sure. We suggest moving the 4th of July fireworks show down here, just sayin'...

Career development in your 20's and 30's:

Changing jobs is a big deal. The foundation you lay for your career in your mid-to-late 20's and early 30's is paramount to your success. In this article, our Marketing Director Kevin, lays out a template for change and shares his experience on taking his career in a new direction.

is the grass greener: 

I'm fed up with my current position... but I'm on the verge of an annual review and I bet I've got a raise coming. Then again, I hate my boss. But I don't hate my coworkers...

Any of this sound familiar? Thought so. Weighing the pros and cons when making a move is vital. In this article, Dan Whiteley, our managing partner and founder, discusses what the grass really is like on the other side.  

Be a proper hopper:

In this article, Dan covers the do's and don'ts of job hopping. While the term "job hopper" is generally used negatively, there are ways to make jumps without tarnishing your reputation. Click the link below to gain some insight from Dan, as he's been watching and helping hoppers for over a decade.